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Week 12 - Thursday

Slides available here

Covered Content

  • Go over examples of problem identification and Hypothesis Testing
  • Work on Problem Set 12

To do for next time

  • Work on completing the “There is Only One Test” diagram for all of the five problems we discussed in class today
  • Read this article about p-hacking from 538
    • Summarize the main findings from the article and how it relates to the content in Chapter 7 of ModernDive in 3-5 paragraphs
  • Create AT LEAST five multiple choice questions covering Chapters 6 and 7 of ModernDive.
    • Create a Google Doc with your questions and share with isma5720@pacificu.edu
    • Please follow the layout I have provided in the Sample Question Layout document here. Copy over the content of this document into a new Google Doc and then enter your questions.
    • Each question should have four possible answers.
    • Don’t mark what you choose to be the correct answer on what you turn in, but make note of your choice elsewhere to facilitate your learning.
    • Please use Courier New font for all pieces of R code.