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Week 10 - Tuesday

Slides available here

Covered Content

  • Reviewed terminology from Chapter 6 on sampling from ModernDive

To do for next time

  • Problem Set 9
  • Work through Exam 1 and Exam 2 from last semester for practice
    • You should skip Problem 4 on Exam 2 as we will be covering that content later in our course.
    • Note that Exam 1 last semester was a Take Home Exam so the questions are a little more challenging at times than what I would ask you for an in-class exam.
  • Continue studying for the Midterm Exam, which will occur during class on Tuesday, April 11
    • The exam will cover Chapters 3, 4, and 5 and Section 6.1 of ModernDive and the content covered on the slides from here on
  • For Practice on understanding of Chapter 6 material: LC6.1-LC6.17 from ModernDive
    • In particular, focus on LC6.1-LC6.7 for the exam