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Week 06 - Thursday

Slides available here

Covered Content

  • Review the Five Main Verbs of Data Wrangling
    • filter()
    • summarize
    • group_by() with summarize()
  • Talked about always needing to do filter() BEFORE you do group_by() with summarize() (It won’t work if you do it in a different order!)
  • Discuss the last two of the FMV
    • mutate()
    • arrange()
  • Work on Group Project, Problem Set 6, and DataCamp assignment DC9

To do for next time

  • Meet with your group to work on Group Project
  • Make sure to enter your R code in your own scratch_<name>.R files in the Google Drive folder
  • Complete Problem Set 6
  • Complete Filtering, Grouping, & Summarizing DataCamp chapter (Due on March 14 at 1 PM)