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Week 05 - Thursday

Slides available here

Covered Content

  • Quiz #2
  • Demonstrate R, RStudio, and R Markdown
  • Work on starting Group Project

To do for next time

  • Complete your Group Project Proposal
  • Complete Working with the RStudio IDE (Part 1) - Orientation chapter on DataCamp (Due on March 7 at 1 PM)

    • This will require you to download and install R and RStudio Desktop to your laptop computer. The sooner you do this the better. If you have issues, please reach out to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
    • After you have downloaded and installed both R and RStudio Desktop, copy all lines of the following code, paste it into in the R Console, and press Enter on your keyboard. This code will install all of the packages we will (probably) need throughout the remainder of the semester. This code is also listed in Chapter 1 of ModernDive.

      This will take a few minutes and you’ll see lots of red text. This is not a bad thing but rather just notifications on the progress of the downloading and installation of the packages. It might take 15 minutes or a little longer to complete. You can be sure that everything has been installed correctly if you run the exact same chunk of code and it immediately sends you back to > in the R Console. You can also check the Packages tab in the lower right corner of RStudio for a listing of all of the packages installed on your computer.

needed_pkgs <- c("nycflights13", "tibble", "dplyr", 
                 "ggplot2", "knitr", "okcupiddata", "dygraphs", 
                 "rmarkdown", "mosaic", "ggplot2movies", 

new.pkgs <- needed_pkgs[!(needed_pkgs %in% installed.packages())]

if(length(new.pkgs)) {
  install.packages(new.pkgs, repos = "http://cran.rstudio.com")