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Week 03 - Thursday

Slides available here

Covered Content

  • Review the concept of joining data frames
  • Go over Grammar of Graphics with scatter-plot and line-graph examples
  • Work on and finish Problem Set 3 in groups

To do for next time

  • Complete DataCamp profile
    • Click on your user ID in the top right of the screen when you first open DataCamp.
    • Click on My Profile.
    • Select Edit Account Settings.
    • Input at the very least your first and last name. More helpful if you include a picture.
  • Take notes on Sections 4.5 to 4.7 of ModernDive
  • Complete Scatter-plots & Line-graphs DataCamp chapter (Due on February 21 at 1 PM)
  • Begin Histograms & Boxplots DataCamp chapter (Due on February 23 at 1 PM)