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Week 08 - Tuesday

Covered Content

  • Quiz #3 individually and in groups
  • Peer review another group’s Group Project Draft
  • Finish Revised Group Project
    • Final revisions to your Group Project are due by 10 AM in your Google Drive folder on Thursday, March 23
    • Make sure that you have a knitted HTML document (group_project_final.html) and the corresponding group_project_final.Rmd in your group Google Drive folder

To do for next time

  • Problem Set 8 includes you filling out a midterm course evaluation, a peer review, and an individual review of your group project.
    • You will need to fill out the form by 4:20 PM on Thursday, March 23 to receive credit.
    • Please be candid and up-front about ways I can improve the course after spring break. Remember that this course will challenge you and that won’t be changing after break, but if I can fix the timing or the way content is covered it is much better that I hear about that NOW and not when the class is over.